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What New Rules on Retirement Savings Mean for Investors

Check out this great piece from the New York Times about how the new Labor Department rules will help you protect your retirement savings. As you may already be aware, Mosaic Wealth Management has always had your best interest in mind and provided our clients with a fiduciary duty – putting our client’s needs above […]


12 Secrets to Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits Under the New Rules

The 2015 Budget dramatically changed Social Security claiming options. Every day I get a host of emails from the victims of these changes. Most are like my 64-year-old friend, who, thanks to Congress and the President, lost her ability at age 66 to do three things: a) get a child benefit for her severely disabled […]


Matthew Hudgins Named 2015 Five Star Wealth Manager

The October 2015 issue of Atlanta Magazine, in partnership with an independent research firm QMI Research, named Matthew Hudgins as a 2015 FIVE Star Wealth Manager.  Matt is the Principal of Mosaic Wealth Management, a financial services firm specializing in assisting successful dentists, business owners, professionals, and widows/divorcees by acting as their go-to financial coordinator. We organize […]


Top 10 Strategies to Creating Wealth as a Dental Professional

I’m going to share what I’ve learned by working with successful dentists: the top 10 keys to creating wealth for you and your family. As dentists, you are in a unique position to control your destiny. Even if you are working right now as an associate, you can still implement these key strategies to build […]